Volunteers have been working diligently at the Museum in an effort to organize and catalog our vast collection of Home Reviews and its predecessor, the Home Weekly. There are many monthly issues missing and even some entire years. We would like to have at least one copy or more from each month of every year in our collection.
If you have any old copies of Home Reviews lying around your home in boxes, in the basement, or in the attic, please do not throw them away! Send them to:

AXP Museum
650 Elliott Drive
Xenia, Ohio. 45385

If you have a Home Review you can't bear to part with a hard copy, electronic file, CD, or flash drive would be greatly appreciated.  
Currently the years 1980 to 1994 very scarce and is the era where we need Home Review copies the most.  We also need the years before 1948 and especially 1943 and 1944.

Thank you for any contributions you can make to the Museum collection.

Jan Daulbaugh Gouch
Pat Srofe Harris

AXP Member

Address or Phone Number Update

Ohio Soldiers' & Sailors' Orphans' Home
Ohio Veterans' Childrens' Home
Association of Ex-Pupils

All records are held in Columbus, Ohio

and can be obtained by

filling out a records request form.

You may also write, phone, or fax:

Ohio Department of Education

Records Retention Manager

24 South Front Street DMS

Mail Stop B 02

Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183

Phone (614) 995-3724

Fax (614) 752-3956


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