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The Association of Ex-Pupil's is a non-profit organization which relies on donations from its members and outside parties to carry out our mission. Each and every dollar that is donated goes directly to the AXP to help carry our daily activies, fund projects, and help preserve our history.

One of the main goals is to keep our museum open to the public. Your tax deductible donations help us reach that goal. If you have ever been to our museum, or wish to donate in support of the AXP, as well as keeping the memory of the Ohio Soldiers' & Sailors' Orphans'/Ohio Veterans' Chirdrens' Home alive, please send check or money order made payable to Association of Ex-Pupils to:

Association of Ex-Pupils

650 Elliot Drive

Xenia, Ohio 45385


Ohio Soldiers' & Sailors' Orphans' Home
Ohio Veterans' Childrens' Home
Association of Ex-Pupils