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My name is Ronnie Wylie, Jr, Your Current AXP Chaplain. It is an honor serving in this position.

My mother and father grew up in the Home, as did all of my aunts and uncles. I am honored and blessed

to have the family I have, which includes all of you.

If you need prayer or have information on a member that
need prayer please feel free to contact me

my information is listed below. If You have information on a members passing please click the Rest In

Peace link and submit their information or contact me. 

May God bless you in all that you do!
Ronnie Wylie, Jr. 
AXP Chaplain

Email: ronniewyliejr@hotmail.com or chaplain@ossoovch.org 

Phone or Texting: 765.265.0790

As most of you know the Home Chapel is under renovation. The outside has had some noticeable work done and the inside is

shaping up as well. It is important to understand how this project was initiated and moved to fruition.

The following five paragraphs provide input from Morry Gilbert, Class of ’56, and help to clarify this process.

1) The Rooney Fund Board identified the need and the possibility of the restoration of the Home Chapel back in early 2015.

2) Bill Chavanne, President of the Rooney Fund Board, worked with the Athletes in Action (AIA) administration in developing a plan

to implement. This initial work included a complex and thorough professional architectural assessment.

3) All of the initial funds for this renovation come from a Rooney Fund grant. This money paid for the first phase of the project,

and was accomplished with the superb cooperation from AIA key personnel, appropriate legal advice, and plain hard work.

4) The AXP Chapel Fund was created after the restoration was in full swing.

The restoration is expected to cost $1,000,000. The Rooney Fund Board has contributed $300,000 to this effort. Once the sealing from outside elements is complete, i.e. roof, windows, doors, brick/mortar, steeple, and front door, the Chapel will be preserved for the next 50 years. The next step will be addressing the upgrading of the electrical system and the installation of new heating/air conditioning. Included in this

important planning to make the Chapel habitable is, of course, the removal and replacement of the existing ceiling. Making this fine structure available for the community to use is an important goal of this total process. Thanks to the Rooney Fund, for the money that is restoring a very important part of the Home history, the Chapel is coming along very nicely. Having a restored Chapel is very important to a lot of people, me included. It is the first building that greets everyone who graces the grounds of the Home. So, what happens when the chapel gets restored?

Many of you remember spending your Sundays in the Chapel, hearing Rev. Howard preach. Every time I have been honored to preach in the Chapel, I have always envisioned my mom & dad and aunts & uncles sitting in the yellow pew seats enjoying the church services of their youth. The Chapel was alive back then. I want it to be alive again. So, I have a question.

For those of you living in the greater Dayton area, would you be interested in attending a weekly church service at the Chapel? It has been a dream of mine
ever since Dave Mayfield, class of '87, mentioned to me one Reunion that I should get in touch with AIA about starting a church out of the Chapel. Imagine attending church in the same church you attended as a little kid. But my dream is not just about having a weekly church service, but having a full-fledged ministry that has a heart for helping people.Now, I have another question.
For those of you living outside of the greater Dayton area, would you be interested in financially supporting a ministry out of the

Chapel? Currently work is being done to establish a 501c3, so any support would be tax deductible. I have spoken with Jerry Dendinger, Vice President of Ministry Operations for AIA, about this, and he has no problem with me (us) starting a ministry out of the Chapel. He just

mentioned two criteria that must be met to keep his support:

1) that I have the financial support to survive;

 2) and this is the most important part that he kept repeating over and over - that we keep and protect the heritage and history of

the O.S.S.O./O.V.C.H. Home. I told him this is not a problem, because that is the whole point to our request. To start a ministry out of the

Chapel is to keep a piece of us (the AXP) alive for generations.

The Chapel is coming alive! Wouldn't it be great if it could be used again to spread the Love of Christ to a new generation? Email me at: ronniewyliejr@hotmail.com with the subject - CHAPEL SUPPORT to let me know if you would be interested in supporting a ministry out of the Chapel. Any and
all support would be greatly appreciated.

Memorial Day is just around the corner. The AXP Chaplain email address is forwarded to my personal email address; however, I am unable to respond to anyone. The print is too small for me to read the information that is being forwarded to me, and I do not know who needs

to be memorialized this Memorial Day. I would ask that anyone who knows of an AXP member who has passed away since last Reunion to

resend that information to my personal email address: ronniewyliejr@hotmail.com Please put AXP MEMORIAL in the subject line.

Reunion is just a few short months away. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. If you haven't been back in a while, or

have never been back, please join us. I promise you will have a great time!

God Bless you all!
Ronnie Wylie, Jr. AXP Chaplain, Honorary Member
Son of Ronnie Wylie, class of '68 and Carol Wheeler, class of '70