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James Koski (Class Of 1973)

Email: jmskoski@yahoo.com

Contact # (937) 374-0302

1st Vice President

Lori Stout Smith (Class Of 1972 )


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2nd Vice President

David Mayfield (Class Of 1987)

Email: DMayfield@MayfieldExpress.com

Contact # (330) 352-2194

Finanicial Secretary

Linda Smith (Class Of 1985)


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Recording secretary

Mardie Fox (Class Of 1985)


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Juanita Wells Clutter (Class Of 1972)


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Barbara Roe Roth (Class Of 1968)

Email: Barbroth08@gmail.com

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Memership Chair

Kathy Smith (Class Of 1990 )


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Museum Chair

Bill Boivin (Class Of 1969)


Contact # (937) 237-8738

Presidents staff 

Darlene Kelly Clark (Class of 1970)

Debbie Winn Lang (Class of 1975)

Vickie Winn Lee (Class of 1976)

Executive Committee

Janice Daulbaugh Gouch (Class of 1969)

Kim Long (Class of 1985)

Don Regal (Class of 1984)

Ronnie Wylie Jr. (Honorary Member)

Candice Regal (Associate Member)

Rooney Fund

Bill Chevanne (Class of 1955)

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650 Elliott Dr
Xenia, OH 45385
(937) 374-0302

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Annual Home

Christmas Dinner

Will be held in the old Orphans Den on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 2PM. It is tradition to bring a dish to share at the dinner. Please bring recipe for your dish to share as well. This year, we will all vote on the most favorite dish and that person will win a special gift!!! So you cooks out there, do what you do best. For some that are traveling greater distances and are unable to bring a home cooked dish there will be other opportunities to win one of several door prizes. Can't wait to see everyone there! Yes, we will be singing the Home Christmas Carol and there will be a printing of it to keep as well as some CD copies available.

Directly after our Christmas Dinner, we will be gathering together to sing Our Home Christmas Carol to the residences of Legacy Village, who are living in their hospital. The church group of National Church Residences who own the new hospital and Legacy Village, have allowed us to march and sing The Home Christmas Carol through their halls. This would be very much the same as we used to carol through the halls of Peter Pan. This kind gesture will be the first year for us to do this and will be rewarding to not only us, but also to their local residents as well.